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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs - Walter Isaacson As a general rule, I don't like nonfiction. Which is strange if you know me, because I've always been a history lover, a facts seeker. But somehow nonfiction books manage to be incredibly boring to me. It's dry, it's filled with facts, which is 100% the point of the book, but where's the story? I firmly believe that everybody's life, any event has a story that needs to be told. And every story doesn't only have facts -- it has people's motivations and feelings. You can tell me how many millions of people died in WWII and the numbers of death camps and Hitler's words, but what were his motivations? What where the motivations of the soldiers who ran the camps?

But I digress. I should also add that I was given an iPad a year ago and bought the iPhone primarily because of its camera capabilities. Other than that, I have always been strongly against the Apple brand because of its lack of consumer customizability and closed system. While the biography isn't a commentary on Apple, Steve Jobs did make all the primary decisions in the path of the company while he was alive, so I believe it's important to know where I came from when starting the book.

Walter Isaacson does an incredible job with portraying Steve Jobs the tech giant, Steve Jobs the family man, and Steve Jobs the friends. He spoke to Jobs' allies and enemies in order to get a more rounded and unbiased view of the mistakes and successes of Jobs' life. Isaacson gave the general public a truly great insight into the life and mind of a man that those not directly in contact with him didn't have. He provided the motivation and psychology behind Jobs' actions as well, painting the story of Jobs' life. There were times in the book you hated the person that you were getting to know, and times you admired him. But by the end of the book, I didn't dislike the Apple brand as much as I did, and I came to understand and respect Steve Jobs for what he tried to accomplish in his life. I have not enjoyed a biography as much as I did this one in many many years.