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Batman: The Killing Joke

Batman: The Killing Joke - Tim Sale, Brian Bolland, Alan Moore At the insistence of several of my friends, I finally decided to delve into American comics this year. Searching around on the internet for what are considered some of the best, along with Goodread's very handy best graphic novels list.

I think the general public is for the most part enamoured of the Batman series because of Christopher Nolan's remakes. I particularly liked the interaction between the Joker and Batman in the Dark Knight and the darkness that the Joker brought out in Batman. This comic, however, blows all of that away. The insanity of the Joker is really highlighted and rationalized, and his reasoning reflects what I believe most people have thought about occasionally. We always face the fact that life is random and unfair, sometimes you get the good end, but mostly you get the bad. It was overwhelming to me how well the Joker captured the darker side of life.