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House of the Winds (Penguin Readers Guide Inside)

House of the Winds (Penguin Readers Guide Inside) - Mia Yun I was given this book to read knowing absolutely nothing about the subject or the author. The books opened with a strange passage about memories and dreams... and confused me more than anything. I thought to myself: oh no, I'm not going to like this. I was incredibly wrong. The books is composed of snapshots of life in Korea, mostly from a female perspective. The narrator is the youngest daughter in a family that constantly struggled to make ends meet, and she relates her memories mostly through the eyes of an innocent child. The language is not the smoothest, nor the most eloquent, but it is incredibly beautiful in capturing the look, feel, sound, smell, and touch of Korea and the young girl's childhood. The book has no overarching message nor teaching, but it will show you the beauty and tragedy of Korea.